Leineperi Ironworks
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The village of Leineperi today

Brochure 2019 in English

The Leineperi Ironworks in the City of Ulvila presents a living example of the first stages of the industrialisation in Finland. A blast furnace and a bar-iron forge are some of the attractions at the site. Blacksmithing products are made in the forge also today. The smiths' old cottages serve as workshops of the craftspeople and artists. The Kangasniemi Museum, the place of birth of the Olympic Winner, a workers bakery from the 1850s serving as a cafe and a flour mill are also worth a visit. A scale model shows the ironworks site in the shape of 1895. The village on 250 inhabitants offers exciting experiences and various events in historic industrial mileu, such as big Markets, Tematical events , Metal Art Weeks, summer theatre, wedding banquets, meetings etc.